Battle of the Cameras Part 2
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Sunday, April 02, 2017
By Red Barn Photography
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I am back for Part 2 of the Battle of the Cameras.  In part one I used 4 different cameras to photograph a single subject.  For part 2 we will be using the same subject and camera equipment, but two different photographers.  As in part one, we will be looking at another component of the "if only I had the nicest camera, my pictures would be better". 

My niece is here for Spring Break and she was willing to model for me, and I forced my husband to do the shoot out with me.  I am a good wife like that!  We took my Canon 5D Markiii camera with the EF 70-200mm 2.8L lens outside this evening to photograph Miss A.


Our Images

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the whole, we have to have the newest and best to be the best.  That is so not true.  We need to know how to use the tools we have been given and know our strengths.  I would love to have the new Canon 5D Mark iv.  Would it take better pictures?  Maybe, if I learned how to use it to it's full capacity, but it is not worth the added expense right now.  If you are thinking about getting a new camera, think about the reasons you are looking to upgrade.  If you are frustrated with your camera and the quality of your images, think about the best investment to improvement. 

Community Education Classes are a great way to learn about camera settings and modes.  I have a basic camera class coming up in June through Windom's Community Education that covers Basic Photography(modes and settings).  Another exciting learning experience I will be offering this summer is photo walks at Painted Prairie Vineyards.  Details should be coming out soon when dates are confirmed.

To be fair, I knew that my husband's pictures were not going to be fantastic.  He did do better than I thought though(he didn't chop off A's head).  He has no idea how to use my camera and I don't think he is interested in learning.  And that is okay, it's not for him.  As for Miss A and myself, well, we did a little more exploring and I had to take some more images of her.  She is growing up into such a beautiful and caring young lady!


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