Battle of the Cameras-Part One
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
By Red Barn Photography
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Today I decided to sit down and tackle a common misunderstanding about photography. An Urban Legend if you please. The “if I only had the nicest camera my pictures would be better” mentality. And with marketing campaigns constantly throwing around the idea that the latest and greatest camera out there with the most megapixels, takes the best pictures, it is easy to see how we as a society perceive photography technology.

This is ‘Battle of the Cameras’ Part 1. No worries, this isn’t some biased review on Canon being superior to Nikon or Sony. I love them all, I just happen to be a Canon girl. I am using four of my own digital cameras, in the same location, same subject, with natural light.

Let’s meet the players.

Camera 1: Motorola Droid Max cell phone camera. Admit it, we all use our cell phones daily to take pictures, only fair that I include it on my test.(not pictured)

Camera 2: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W570 16.1 MP Compact Digital Camera(2011). I bought this point and shoot camera second hand off of a sale site for my kids to play around with.

Camera 3: Canon 20D 8.2MP DSLR(2005). Lens-18-35mm EFS 3.5-5.6 starter kit lens. This was the first digital camera I owned. Before this one, it was film for me. This was the camera that started my career(12 years ago, what?!)

Camera 4: Canon 5D Mark iii 22.3MP DLSR(2014). Lens-50mm EF 1.4.  I upgraded to this camera a little over 2 years ago and love it!

*I also used a macro lens on my 20D and 5D for the close up shots.

Subject: My fake succulents on my white floor drop in my natural light studio.


I attempted to get as close to the same angle and composition on each shot as possible. None of these images were color corrected, they are straight out of the camera and converted to jpg.

I put the images in a random order. Time for you to guess which image goes with which camera!

Full Image

Close Up with Macro Lens

Results: How many did you get right?

Top Image left to right-#1 5DMarkiii, #2 Sony Cyber Shot, #3 20D 18-35mm, #4 cell phone

Close up left to right- #1 cell phone, #2 5DMarkiii, #3 20D , #4 Sony Cyber Shot.



Our cameras are only tools to create a photograph. We don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the newest camera with the latest and greatest features. Let’s master the tools we have been given first! Go out and challenge yourself. Try new angles, different lighting, get creative.

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*If you have any questions about the specifics used in these shots, please feel free to ask or comment.

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