Koyer Newborn
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Thursday, September 29, 2016
By Red Barn Photography
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Happy Fall! 

I feel like Facebook is not reaching my clients, and it also doesn't seem to give a good overall of what newborn sessions are like.  I put a lot of love into my newborn sessions to make them unique and the 3-5 images I share on there just don't seem to cover it! 

For Koyer's session, his mom approached me about incorporating a 69 Ford Mach 1 Mustang.  This car has been in the family going on 4 generations now and will someday be his car(if dad will ever part with it)!  I knew that there were going to be a couple of challenges.  1) I live on a gravel road and I did not want them to have to drive it down my road and get dusty. 2)if the weather wasn't perfect, it wasn't going to happen. 3) posing baby safely on the car.

As luck would have it, the night before his newborn session, the weather was perfect and I happened to be in their neighborhood for something, and they were going to be home and up for the impromptu session.  (yes, I just eliminated 2 of the issues I was concerned with).

Baby's safety is my #1 priority.  This was going to take some planning to do safely.  I faced several challenges.  1) the mosquitoes.  They were terrible.  We had to constantly brush them off Koyer.  I think we managed to keep them off of him-but we adults were not so fortunate. 2) the vehicle(engine) could be too hot for him to be on.  I had to constantly check the temperature to make sure he was not going to get burned from the heat of the engine. (this actually worked well for us, as the engine was warm enough to keep him comfortable, but not too hot to risk his safety) 3) the hood of that car was so slippery.  Anything I placed on that car, slid right off.  Mom had hands on baby to keep him safe and supported.  4) posing him on a car was way more challenging than I anticipated.  (see problem 3).  But we managed and I am just in love with the images. 


Super cute, isn't he?!  I was so excited to get him in the studio the next day!  And he was a dream for me(until the end, then I think he got sick of me)

Here is a look at what his gallery looks like(this is only about 10% of it too). 


I can never say thank you enough to everyone that supports my art!  I am forever grateful to all of you for believing in me and trusting me with your miracles.  Thank you!

*you are scrolling back up to have another look, aren't you?!

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Dannielle - Your images here are fabulous!! I love the black & white and the little guy in the shirt with buttons. Nicely done! If we decide on another little we will be back again someday! Impressive. And btw, you mentioned wanting to have an assistant once. When two of my kiddos are in school, next year, if you're interested in scenes/props/help with those types of things I'd love to get into that type of thing! You're the professional photographer, I'd love to do scenes and props etc! An idea...