Little Miss Nora: Newborn
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Thursday, February 11, 2016
By Heather
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I am so grateful that during the slow season(yucky winter months), I get to focus on my passion for newborn photography.  It helps me kick off the year with snuggles, sweet little baby toes, and well, lots of poop and pee. 

A couple of weeks ago, I got to meet little Miss Nora!  I was so excited to meet her, after all, I have had the pleasure of photographing 4 of her cousins, and there are some good genes in that family!  She was just as beautiful as I imagined she would be!  And a bonus, no baby acne.  Score!  Less editing for me!

Now, I probably overwhelm the bejeezers out of parents.  I literally have a room full of newborn props.  Yeah, drives my husband nuts, but it is my retail therapy.  Hey, I am done having kids, but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy picking out adorable little hats, headbands, outfits, and blankets for them.  Miss Nora was lucky, she came right after I got a fresh supply of props.  Mostly headbands from a local favorite, Happy Little Fin.   If you like adorable head pretties, check her out!  The leather knots are my current favorites!

Nora was such a sweet little girl, but I will be honest, I think she peed and pooped on everything I put her on.  I always find if comical how horrified moms are that their sweet little peanuts soil things.  Honestly moms, every single baby I have photographed has pooped and peed on my props.  Some have even soaked me(that was a fun one).  I have three kids and a husband, I am used to nasty. 

Patience is definitely required to photograph newborns(plus proper training in how to safely handle and pose the baby-Safety First).  It always pays off though.  Nora kept smiling when I would set my camera down to reposition her, every single time.  She was smiley, but I know she was being a stinker on purpose.  I think babies have a 6th sense.  Anyways, I did manage to get a smirk eventually.  And mom did grab my camera and snapped one of her smiling while she was relaxing in my arms.  I think she would have done any pose for me, as long as I was willing to hold her.  She was soaking up the snuggles(and I am never going to complain about getting free snuggles)!

2016 is going to be fun!  I have more babies on the books.  One very special one(a new nephew), and the younger sibling to my very first newborn almost 3 years ago!  Whoa!


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