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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
By Red Barn Photography
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There are few material items in this world that I would say are priceless. Actually, I can only think of one. My printed photographs. They are the only things I would not be able to replace in a fire or natural disaster.

18 years ago today, my father passed away unexpectedly. Two months before he passed away, we took this picture of him.



This image is priceless to me. It is my link to my memories of my dad. His scruffy beard, the love in his eyes when he smiled, my parents horrible taste in 1980s furniture.

I have other images of my dad from growing up, and they are all important to me. When my kids ask about their grandpa, I have something to show them, and a story to go along with it. They get to experience a piece of their grandpa, I get to cherish a memory of my dad.

I have images printed of all our family members and fun memories of our own around our house. I think it gives them a sense of belonging, a feeling of home.

I want you to walk into your house every day and enjoy the memories that your photographs give you. Not have to start up an electronic device to see your memories. I am guilty of this just as much as the next person. And I plan to break the cycle. I want my kids to remember our life, and our photographs are the link to those memories.

It is so important to print our pictures. Don’t just store them on a disk/usb or leave them in a folder on your computer.

Print them. Enjoy them. Tell your story.

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