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Sunday, April 24, 2016
By Red Barn Photography
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Wow, New York. I don’t feel like I can accurately describe my experience, but I LOVED IT!!! I do plan to go back and stay in Manhattan. There is just so much to see and do and my 3 days was just not enough.

The purpose of my trip was to attend a workshop with some of my favorite newborn photographers in the world(honestly put them in the top 5). And Kelley and Tracy are sweet mid-westerners! I cannot express enough how important continuing your education is. You can call yourself a professional, but I don’t feel you can ever say you are an expert. There is always more learning to do!

Newborn photography is no exception to this. It may be one of the areas of photography that is most important to have proper training. The safety of a newborn alone is enough to make sure you are doing research when choosing your photographer. You want to make sure they know how to safely handle and pose your precious little.

An image may not be what it seems. There are many images that parents/assistants constantly have their hands on baby for their safety. It is important that baby’s well being is never compromised. EVER! Here is an image that has to be creatively edited to remove the supporting hands that were constantly supporting baby.



I have been doing this pose for 3 years now, and it is one of the most challenging to do. I cannot do this set up on my own, and one should never attempt it solo.

I learned many other helpful techniques at the workshop with Kelly Ryden and Tracy Raver, but my favorite part about the workshops is networking with other professionals. There are some truly amazing women in this world that I have now been able to connect to! I cannot speak highly enough about supporting others and encouraging others in their dreams. I got to meet some prop vendors as well. Like the amazing AR Backdrops and Petunia’s Handmade Creations.  I cannot forget Royce Winnick Photography in Merrick NY for hosting us. She opened her home and studio to us, and I am very grateful to her!


Now for the eye candy!

That was fun!  I have several more awesome images from the workshop, including sitters. 

If you are seeking a newborn photographer, do your research.  It is worth your investment to find someone that makes the safety of your baby the priority.  Then make sure that you like their style.  We all have a different style, we all use light differently, edit differently.

If you are a photographer, go seek classes and workshops.  They are fun, helpful and worth investing in!


*This workshop was hosted by Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver.  Hosted by Royce Winnick Photography in Merrick NY.  The props, backdrops are not mine.  They are property of Kelley, Tracy and Royce.  Tracy makes most of her rompers and outfits.  Some of the props were supplied by AR Backdrops and Petunia's Handmade Creations. 


We had a blast!  So many wonderful ladies from Russia, Peru, Columbia, Canada, New York, Maine, Alabama, Nebraska and MN!

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